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Requirements for Tablets and Smartphones for Seniors

There are many tablets and smartphones available to seniors but the best tablets and best smartphone for elderly are the ones which have been designed from the ground up for seniors. The tablets and smartphones created for seniors have at least the following key features:

No Clutter - Easy to use and easy to navigate menus are a must to be a best smartphone or tablet for the elderly population

Large Fonts - The best smartphones and best tablet for elderly make sure that the fonts and images are clear and large so they can be easily seen and clicked on. Two great examples of such products are GrandPad from Consumer Cellular and Jitterbug Smart 2 from GreatCall.

Easy to Setup - Best tablet, smart phone or best senior TV or for that matter any product for senior must be DIY (Do-It-Yourself) and can be easily setup by a non-technical elderly. This is because many times their loved ones are far and cannot come to help setup or to fix.

Easy All-Inclusive Payment Options - Good senior solutions provide easy to understand and all-inclusive payment options to Seniors and their caregivers.Knowing the total financial commitment in clear terms with no hidden fees is key for satisfied elderly customers. for example provides all inclusive (including perishables, warranty, support, upgrades) in their TV based tablet for senior's product called

Easy to Access Customer service for Seniors - If seniors or elderly need help with their tablets or smartphones for seniors, they should be able to reach customer service conveniently and easily. For example, GrandPad has a button on their application, on customers canreach customer service right from their TV help menu. These easy support options are a must for happy elderly customer base. is built on the premise that best smartphone for elderly or best tablet for elderly is not a smartphone or a tablet but is a TV created to bring smartphone and tablet like features on their TV. provides all the functionality expected from a tablet for seniors such a Grand Pad or Smartphone for seniors such a Jitterbug Smart 2. Sirona.TV was created from ground up be easiest possible system for seniors. Every part of the experience - the user interface using TV and remote control, smart speaker interface and support for Apple TV, Sony, LG, Samsung remote controls make easy to use. includes safety features, medication reminder, health monitoring and hence is an ideal aging in place solution.

Below is feature comparison between Grandpad, Jitterbug Smart 2 and

  Jitterbug Smart 2 GrandPad Sirona.TV Connect
Mobility - How mobile is the solution? High Medium Low*
Ease of Use - Ease of use includes screen size, user interface - touch, remote control, voice and difficulty in upgrading and charging device Low Medium High
Cost - includes both upfront and monthly costs $112.49 upfront,
$50/month (with 1 GB)
$60/month (with unlimited data)
$200 upfront & $40 per month (includes unlimited cellular) $149 upfront & $15/month** **uses home internet
Regular features - include phone call, video chats, family album, games, weather etc.
Advanced Feature - varies. Medication reminder, Smart Speaker, Emergency Alert, Health vital PERS - Medication Reminder Alexa like companion

*To improve mobility of their Sirona-Connect solution, Safety Labs provide launch mobile app which to bring Sirona-Connect functionality on a tablet.