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Smart Speaker Killer Apps for Seniors– Ask a question, Listen to Music, Check the Weather!

  • February 29, 2020

Although there are many smart speaker apps which make the lives of seniors easier, consumers have reaffirmed their actual use of smart speakers with three killer apps Ask a  question, listen to music and check the weather.  In addition,there are several other Apps which are popular with users today:

  • Set an Alarm
  • Set a Timer
  • Listen to the Radio
Killer Voice Apps

The above graph shows that a high percent of smart speaker users,use these apps on a daily and a monthly basis.

Seniors Wish List

Be an appealing, charming “companion”
  • Engages me in scintillating conversation; expand my mind and keep me company
  • Be someone I can talk to
  • Plays movies for me on demand
  • Reads books to me
  • Provides a daily health checkup
  • Be my friend
Keeps me engaged
  • Lets me remotely visit (video chat) my aunt
  • Provides an abstract of the day’s news
  • Talks to me in the language of my choice
Reminds me such as
  • Does Medication reminders
  • Dispenses pills and medication in the correct amounts
  • Reminds me to take a drink so I stay hydrated
  • Reminds me of my appointments
Be my “virtual assistant”
  • Answers the phone, emails and texts
  • Sends texts I tell it to send
  • Makes phone calls for me
  • Controls my lights, locks, thermostat, smoke and burglar alarms
Monitor Safety and Wellness
  • Monitors my safety
  • Calls 911 if it notices problems or when asked.
  • Enables family and friends to monitor
  • Monitors health


As of writing of this article (early 2020), we believe that smart speakers with the help of some killer apps have crossed being a fad. We now believe that new killer apps will be developed, and uptake of smart speakers and voice applications will increase. We also believe that usefulness of these apps will increase and will increasingly helpseniors with quality of life and ability to live healthily and independently.

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